US Taxes (English)

USA Income Taxes – English Version

Here is how to claim back your taxes for free. This document was written by Marc-Antoine B., an accounting student who did the program in 2014. Everyone from Québec claimed their taxes this way last year and we all got our money back. There are different ways to fill it out, but here is one that works.

You have to claim your taxes from your summer at Disney to the US government because you don’t have to pay taxes in the US since there is a tax treaty between Canada and the US. But, you will need to declare the money you made to the government of Canada and might have to pay taxes in Canada if your yearly income was too high.

Step 1

Receiving the W-2 by email. You have 14 days after you receive the email to download your W-2. If, for any reason, you forgot to download it, call 321-939-7000 or 1-877-783-2572. You will need your PERNR.

Step 2

Download the 1040NR-EZ from:

Make sure the year in the right corner is 2015. You can also look it up on google, it is very easy to find. This document is shorter and easier to fill out than the 1040NR, but still allows you to get all of your money back.

Step 3

Fill out the document as follows.

Page 1 (1040 NR-EZ)

Section 1 – Personal Information

Fill out your personal info. The Identifying Number is your American SSN.

Section 2 – Filing Status

Check the first box if you are not married, and the second box if you are married.

Section 3 – Attach Form W-2…

Lines 3-5: Don’t write anything

Line 6: Write the total amount of money you made this summer. It is the number in the box 1 of your W-2.

Lines 7-17: Don’t write anything

Line 18a: Write the total amount of taxes you are claiming back. The number in the box 2 of your W-2.

Lines 18b-20: Don’t write anything

Section 4 – Refund

Lines 21-23a: Write the same number as line 18a. The number in the box 2 of your W-2.

Lines 23b-26: Don’t write anything

Section 5 – Third Party Designee

Check “no” and don’t write anything else in this section.

Section 6 – Sign Here

Sign your name and write the date. In the “Your occupation in the US box” write your role as it is written on your DS-2019.

Section 7 – Paid Preparer Use Only

Don’t write anything. This section is not for you.

Page 2 (1040 NR-EZ)

  • A and B: Write Canada
  • C, D1 and D2: Check the box that applies to you, for most of us it will be “no”
  • E: Write “Not present in the US”
  • F: Check the box that applies to you, it will probably be “no”
  • G: Don’t check the box “Canada”. Leave it blank. In the chart, write the day you entered the US in the first column and the day you left in the second column. If you arrived before your arrival date or left after the departure date of the program, write the date you entered or left the US, not your arrival/departure date.
  • H: If you went to the US in 2013 or 2014, write the number of days you were in the US either for work or on vacation. Write the number of days you were in the US in 2015.
  • I: For those who have done the program before, check “yes” and write “YEAR (the year of your last program), 1040NR-EZ, OBM no. 1505-0074”. If you had never done the program before, check “no”.
  • J1:
    • (a) Country, write “Canada”.
    • (b) Tax treaty article, write “15”.
    • (c) Number of months…, write “0”.
    • (d) Number of the box 1 of your W-2.
    • (e) Number of the box 1 of your W-2.
  • J2 and J3: Check “no”

Step 4

Make sure that you filled everything out.

Step 5

Send your W-2 and your 1040NR-EZ to:

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Austin, Texas 73301-0215

For more information, visit:

Step 6

If all your information is valid, you will receive a check with all of your taxes back in USD. It can take 3-10 weeks. If you send it early it shouldn’t take that long.